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Female, 30 Years Old  
405 Points
  Last Login: 02/28/2008

Hey...Dont judge me for who i am, or what i do, cause all of me...could be you!~ My Names Tasha and i go to Woodland really silly all the time and i luv to laugh so if ur dumb and depressed dont talk to me! lol

From Woodland, WA
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Christian
Sign Aries
Occupation Student
Education High school
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ummm. i love life in general. Im always always smiling and i have been very blessed to live in place where i dont have to worry about life falling apart. My dad is in and out of jail and my mom lives with her husband and there kids. I have had a toughf life until i moved in with my grandparents about four years ago. I put the past behind me and i look forward to a bright future! I love god and reading my bible! im not one of those chritian freaks but i am into religion so dont judge me! kk much love <3 ~Natasha~ ps. Im going thro a stage where i have a really bad additude to everyone so if im a b!cth to u its not personal. lolz  
Music Blink182, Panic at the disco, greenday, blue october, my chemical romance,NIN, anything thats good, and just anything that sounds good to my ears!!  
Movies my fav movie in the whole world is "Annie" lol "Its a hard enoughf life for us"i also like MTV,comedy central, abc family and scifi lol   
Sports ummmm...not really a sports person i tried vollyball and almost broke my face! lol but i like to walk everywhere! im more into the organization thing than sports!  
Hobbies EVERYTHING THATS FUN! i try to live life to the fullest! i like to go to the movies, shop and listen to music while im on the computer. I like to go to vancouver and hang with friends. And i also spend lots of time with my best friend rebecca  
General Im a cool girl so try to get to know me!!!!!!  


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Josh's Baby girl
311 pts

12/11/2007 08:16 AM  

hey i try and get on everynight i dont knokw if i can hopefully i can but who knows my dad wants me to ask him before i even make plans so hopefull yi can go i havent talked to him yet

Josh's Baby girl
311 pts

12/07/2007 08:32 AM  

Hey I just signed up. HoverSpot Auto-Comment