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Female, 30 Years Old  
5067 Points
  Last Login: 08/16/2015
going to bed soon back to work again tomorrow

My name is Michelle I am 19 years old. I graduated from High School June 2008. I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Emily was born April 23rd, 2009 at 12:42am.

From Bradford, PA
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status In a Relationship
Religion Christian
Sign Virgo
Occupation Retail / Food services
Education High school
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Myspace LayoutsMyspace Layouts

I work at the Bradford Ecumenical Home as a Nursing Assistant

Good in Bed

I'm The Type Of Girl

You Wish You Were Short

Music ~ Taylor Swift
~ Three Days Grace
~ Nickelback
~ Fall Out Boy

* I pretty much like any type of music  
Movies ~ All final destination movies
~ All the Harry Potter movies
~ Red Eye
~ The Grudge movies
~ Flight Plan
~Twilight Saga

Sports ~ basketball
~ soccer
~ hockey (though Im not very good at it)
~ tennis
~ baseball
~ battmitton (if thats a sport)
~ Volleyball

Hobbies ~ Four Wheeler riding
~ fishing
~ swimming
~ bike riding
~ hanging out with friends
~ going to parties
~ Driving around at random when I need to think

General I'm 5'2"
weigh 140 pounds
I have brown hair
I have brown eyes



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1826 pts

02/05/2009 02:54 AM  

What about this weekend??

~*~It's Mikey~*~
2087 pts

05/29/2007 03:50 AM  

hey whats up leaving comment to the last 4 on lol

3695 pts

05/06/2007 12:37 PM  

You can't thats the breed for ya lol. atleast u dont have a beagle/russel mix lol

1826 pts

05/02/2007 05:42 PM  

I see what you do..take my bulletins from Myspace and Post them here..LOL I'm just playing. I'll talk to you later.

3695 pts

04/23/2007 03:22 PM  

Hey Whats up? Well we can decide where to eat for prom dinner tomorrow. I'm gonna ask my mom for two dollars for the dance lol. ttyl

3695 pts

04/21/2007 07:32 AM  

Sorry I wasn't on..I got really tired for some reason..well I'm gonna ask my mom to call you love ya John

3695 pts

04/14/2007 07:26 PM  

I had fun today. You looked really sexy all dressed up lol. Well If you can stay tomorrow please call..Cause I gotta ask ya something. Love You John

3695 pts

04/11/2007 05:56 PM  

Hey, whats up? n2m here..i'm hopeing we can actually stay in school tomorrow lol. But, i know that u were emotionally drain..mostly my fault. Well, are we going anywhere this week? like movies or anything? I just wanna earn ur trust back and show u that I still Love You. Luv You, John

3695 pts

03/31/2007 09:36 PM  

Hope U feel better Love You

3695 pts

03/28/2007 05:16 PM  

Funny ha-ha! lol I miss you...its boring here lol. Love You Sooo Much

3695 pts

03/10/2007 06:29 PM  

Nice love u ttyl

392 pts

01/31/2007 06:17 PM  

Hey you still my friend??? Or do u hate me

381 pts

11/26/2006 06:53 PM  

been doing ok i suppose, just confused and aggravated by a lot of crap, but other than that i guess its been alrite

381 pts

11/25/2006 06:15 PM  

im sry bout not leavin ya comments n stuff but my comp has been screwy, and yea i know this is coming off as wierd, but yeah, sry to leave such a long comment, anyways hows u doin?

392 pts