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Male, 37 Years Old  
1105 Points
  Last Login: 11/10/2011
just been relaxin tonight

"....shaking, howling, yearning. Get away from the city, run naked through the woods."-- anonymous quote

From Auburn, CA
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Sign Sagittarius
Occupation Military / Civil Service
Education Some college
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When i was in High School i was a skater kid and also a shy kid in class. Will after high school i join the army as 11B Infrantry, My first mission was hurricane katrinia New Orleans, 2nd mission was in the Pacific- Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, and back home in Caifornia- My last- Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq..I ETSfor a year break and now im back in as a E5. i mosty party once awhile but i dont act stupid- i drink only to get a small buzz and have a good time. Play pool, poker, clubs, bars, hang out with friends, Hiking, Camp, go to the river, lake, and go to the movies. I'm from Californa but staying in Utah to help out with my brother and watch my nephew 9 months, and my niece thats 1 turning 2. Im a guy thats really not into sport, i might watch nascar but only the beginning and the end of it..Im a very layback type of guy, open minded person about all subjects, im mix but majority im Polish 60%... -mixs with Irish, Dutch, German, Romanian, Spanish, and Native American Indian (Creek). My fav. color is green, my Fav. type of foods are Sea Food, Sushi, Chinesse, and a good steak with mash potatoes... i dont like cany or cakes.. i know its wierd but i do like pies apple and pumkin.. i also eat rice krispy treats :) .. once while i go out excerise mostly jogging.... i like collecting swords i have like 24 of them... but i probally will get into anouther hobbie..i always do.. books i like reading are horror, sci-fi, history, and poetry. movies i like to watch are horror, comedy, and some action like war movies.

Music Fav. music are Nirvana, nickle back, green day, papa roach, bush, puddle of mudd, areosmith, animals, tom petty, Evanescence, ect. I like all types of music but i like rock the mostly.. i also listen to instumental, soul music, old rock, little country, some hip hop, but not really into rap maybe like two songs but i just dont care for rap.

Movies Horror and comendy  
Hobbies Photobucket







Checkers Fun

Ultimate Flash Sonic
General i like a woman thats strong and wouldnt put up with bulls***, someone that speaks her mind if she thinks something is wrong and has commom scence. I want some one i could hold and cuddle with now and until i get old. In every relationship has it's hard time but i want some one i could work out our problems and grow together and learn from each other. some one i could talk to about anything and has scenes of humor - Im very open minded person i would like her to be open minded about some things and not a stiff and someone that has a soft touch about them self. I would like someone i could walk around town, go to movies, dinner, park, and also the fair and have a good time - some days i just wanna stay home and cuddle and watch a movie- im into horror, comedy, and some romance not all- like the movies (Walk to Remember, NoteBook, and Titanic). In looks im not picky- but her persnality is what matters to win my heart- She has to have beautful eye, thats what catch's my eye and soft lips and soft skin. race doesnt bother me. when my soul mate has my heart ill give out my full heart to her, I will always be on her side even if she was in the wrong, im one her side and no one elses...even if she murder someone i would be on her side ...standing right next to her and she wont have to feel alone, i well be focus on her and no one else, i know other women like to flirt or think they could steal other women's men but i will just give them the cold shoulder and all of my focus is on my soul mate. Pretty much i just want to find someone i could share my life and grow old with them. everyone is going to get old (beauty wont last forever) and i want some one i could hold, cuddle, and kiss now till we both get old.   

Life is a dance
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12/03/2010 10:34 AM  

Hey what's up hun how are u? thanks for the add also!

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01/25/2009 07:50 PM  

MySpace Graphics & MySpace Layouts

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01/06/2009 08:00 PM  

Hey handsome, how've ya been? :D

Long time no-talkey.

Hope you're doing well! :)

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12/28/2008 12:00 AM  

Hey,what's up?

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12/25/2008 02:58 AM
MyHotComments Merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 shelby :]

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12/20/2008 02:45 PM  

BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat u been up to??? i gotta talk to u so e-mail me wen u can. ily!

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12/19/2008 03:44 PM  

Youre welcome!!!

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12/19/2008 03:25 PM  

Whats up..
Thanks for approving!!

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12/19/2008 10:35 AM


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12/19/2008 09:22 AM  

have a great weekend. party hardy


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12/18/2008 01:08 PM  

Awww, well I LOVE nice hugs. So here you go! *hugs tightly bear-hug style!* :) hehe, feel the wuvvinz? lol

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12/18/2008 10:35 AM  

hey thanx 4 the comment....

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12/18/2008 09:21 AM


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12/16/2008 09:21 PM  

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12/13/2008 08:19 AM  

um hey there
i was wonder why i have a blank comment from you?