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Male, 37 Years Old  
780 Points
  Last Login: 02/26/2014

my name is lester and i have a beautiful daughter.I love music and enjoy cooking, it is a huge passion of mine.I like to spend time with my daughter and go out with friends,and just chill and enjoy myself.I like fixing things and working out.

From c'ville, IL
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Other Christian
Sign Virgo
Education Some college
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Just putting my life together and learning new stuff about myself,and other around me.I'm 24 and was born in Boulder,Co.But I have lived my intire life in Illinois.I've spent a couple years growing up in a group home and foster care but that only made me stronger and openminded to everyones problems.
My beautiful lil princerss just turned 1 last month Feb.21st and she is my everything and gives me the strength to try to change myself and not slip into my old life style.  

Movies scarface,ghost busters,never die alone,reign over me,loser..there a few  
Sports the chicago bears and white sox!!!
but i also play many sports and work out.(great stress reliever)  
Hobbies being a daddy...reading,writing when i get in the mood,poetry,cooking,singi ng to my lil princess  
General I'm surprised how much my daughter has changed me, and how much i have matured since she was born.I'm just hear to meet some new cool people and maybe start a friendship or 2.  


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Misz Bitch
2320 pts

07/14/2009 08:56 AM  

I will

Misz Bitch
2320 pts

07/10/2009 07:37 PM  

Hey hope all is well