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Female, 34 Years Old  
1425 Points
  Last Login: 09/09/2009
Everything happens for a reason....

From Midlothian, VA
Build/Figure Heavyset
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Other
Sign Gemini
Occupation Student
Education Some college
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8444 pts

It's simple really. I am blunt, honest, straight to the point. I don't put up with bullshit so don't bring it around me. There is a thin line so don't cross it or it will be hard for you to regain any trust or respect i have for you.I dont like drama so boys dont come around if you tend to be to emotional. I dont like the needy overbearing type that tends to suffocate me. I'm chill and laid back. I just wana watch football, fish, go to baseball games, watch UFC or WEC. Now that ive said that. I am very loving, caring almost too much sometimes when something means alot to me gets me in trouble but oh well. If im in im in 100%. Im dependable loyal to anyone who does right by me. I do not get back at people its not my philosophy in life. I dont have enemies. and I don't really have hatred towards ne one. I'm very open to different aspects of life as well as understand different perspectives on many outlooks. I'm open to it. I'm not bias or judgmental wat so ever and if i have my moments sometimes i'm always very aware of how i am and wat i say. If you wana know ne thing else just ask.  
Music Umm way to much to list. Maybe I'll update later.   
Movies I'm not really a picky person when it comes to movies but, I love comedy, action, and sometimes when I'm in the mood for it chickflicks and scarey movies. But for the most part let's stick with comedy and action   
Sports I'm deffinately a COWBOYS fan. If you have a problem with it...I'm sorry. ; )You'll just have to deal. I love going to baseball games. Tho I am a red sox fan. I dont get to go to their games. Sad. I love watching WEC and UFC. Faber and Ryan Bader rock my socks!  
Hobbies Listen to music. I'm a pro. lol I love to read write draw volleyball photography kinda love guitar hero. I'ma nerd what can I say. Whoop whoop!  

8444 pts

03/26/2009 08:29 PM  

yea i know i think i actually figured out what was wrong, got something in the mail from comcast today so hopefully i fixed it.

97 pts

02/04/2009 05:19 PM  

Hey I just signed up. HoverSpot Auto-Comment