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Male, 32 Years Old  
2790 Points
  Last Login: 06/04/2022
There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.

I'm sorry in advance if I seem very shy and awkward. Please understand it is not easy for me to talk to people.

From Coram, NY
Build/Figure Heavyset
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Catholic
Sign Taurus
Occupation Student
Education Some college
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Hello! My name is Steven and I'm 32 years old. I currently reside in Coram, New York. I am a very nice, sweet and caring person. Sometimes though I can be awkward and shy, especially around people I just met. Sorry about that in advance. I like making new friends regardless though. I'm a college student majoring in Computer Repair. Here's one thing I have a firm stand on. I don't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or do drugs. I never will. I dislike superficial and shallow people and all their drama. Treat me with respect and I'll do the same with you. Don't mess with any of my friends or family, because I will definitely defend them. My hobbies are playing computer and video games, listening to music, watching television and movies, hanging out with friends, and reading and writing stories. If you would like to get to know me and chat, feel free to drop me a message in my inbox or leave a comment. Thank you for visiting and have a good day! Take care!  
Music Diana Ross and The Supremes, Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Enrique Ingelsias, Mariah Carey, Jordin Sparks, Rednex, Mario Vasquez, Mary J. Blige, Robyn, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Faith Evans, Savage Garden, Sting  
Movies Meet The Parents, Meet the Fockers, Little Fockers, RV, White Chicks, The Hangover, Vegas Vacation, The Matrix  
Sports Volleyball and Badminton.   
Hobbies Computer and Video Games, Music, Movies, Family, Friends  
General Don't know what to put here.  


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